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  • Title Khruschev Warning on United Germany
  • Author Baker, Blake, Daily Telegraph Special Correspondent
  • Publication Title The Daily Telegraph
  • Collection The Daily Telegraph
  • Date Monday,  July 1, 1963
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KHRU8CHEV WARNING ON UNITED GERMANY PLEASURE STEAMER POLITICS Front RL4KE E^iKFK, Daily Telegraph Special Gorrespondent BERLIN, Sunday. TR^R. KHRUSCHEV said in Berlin to-night that lYn. Germany would not be united again "in our time " unless it were Socialist. During a eulogy of Herr Ulbricht, the East German Communist leader, at a banquet in honour of his 70th birthday he wagged his forefinger at Western journalists and said: " Get your notebooks out. There will be a re-unified Germany b y but in our time there can be no re-unified Germany other than a Socialist one." Herr Ulbricht called for a "second treaty of Rapallo.' the 1922 treaty in which Germany and Russia agreed to " reconciliation and co-operation " in conflict with the anti-Soviet policy of the Western Powers. The banquet followed secret talks between Mr. Khruschev and East German Communist leaders in a pleasure steamer on East Berlin waterways. Mr. GheorghiuDej. the Rumanian Communist leader, was conspiciously absent. Cruising with Mr. Khruschev were Mr. Novotny. Czechoslovakia. Mr. Kadar. Hungary. Mr. Gomulka. Poland, and Mr. Zhivkov, Bulgaria. Mr. Khruschev had been the first to congratulate Herr Ulbricht. giving him the Order of Lenin and the &i!d Star medal and making him Hero of the Soviet Union. FIRM SUPPORT Theme of discussions Mr. Khruschev assured the East German leader of the Communist bloc's firm support. Mr. Gomulka said on arrival hp was convinced the Communist leaders would discuss Berlin as well as other problems. But it seems clear that the principal theme for the Communist chiefs will be the clash with China. Picture—PI6