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  • Title East German State Nearer
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  • Date Monday,  Oct. 3, 1949
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EAST GERMAN STATE NEARER COMMUNIST PLAN FOR CAPITAL FROM OUR OWN CORRESPONDENT BERLIN, Sunday. There is now little doubt that the Russians intend to set up an East German Government, with its seat in Berlin, which will claim to act for the whole country. The Soviet-licensed Press here to-day reports that works councils, party leaders and workers' organisations all over East Germany and in Berlin have demanded that the Communistinspired " People's Council" should form a German Democratic Republic with Berlin as its capital. Accompanying such reports were leading articles and pronouncements by Communist leaders denouncing in violent and scathing phrases the German Federal Parliament at Bonn. The time had come, it was said, for the " Bonn Colonial State " and the Anglo-American capitalist splitters and warmongers to be answered by a Government of the people " WESTERN POWERS' VIEW The Communist demand that the city should become the capital of their " Democratic Republic" has come immediately after the Government at Bonn had decided by a big majority to request the Western Powers to admit Berlin into the Federal Republic as the 12th State. Observers believe that the Communist move will probably cause the Western Powers to agree to the West German request, without much delay, in spite of the fact that the French have been Arm in thenopposition. Herr Friedrich Ebert. Lord Mayor of the Soviet sector of Berlin, today indicated that Eastern Germany would sooner or later be fused with the Communist bloc of States. At a " peace " rally in the Soviet sector he warned his hearers against working on purely national lines. While Herr Ebert v/as speaking, parties of Polish youths carrying banners, came into the zone and cooperated with German Communists in celebrating a "Day of Peace." Germans and Poles joined in community singing and other demonstrations, including Arework displays.