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  • Title End of Blockade: Russian Orders
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  • Date Tuesday,  May 10, 1949
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END OF BLOCKADE: RUSSIAN ORDERS BERLIN ROUTES OPEN AT 12.1a.m. THURSDAY 16 GOODS TRAINS DAILY: AUTOBAHN FREED RESTRICTIONS LIFTED ON TRADE AND MAIL FROM OUR 0!F/V CORRESPONDENT BERLIN, Monday. The Russians to-night announced the full , terms of the lifting of their blockade of Berlin in a detailed order issued by Gen. Chuykov, Soviet C.-in-C. in Germany. The order said that the blockade would be lifted at 12.1 a.m. on Thursday. Sixteen goods trains a day are to run on the ) Berlin-Magdeburg-Helmstedt line for supplying the population of the Western sectors and Western occupation troops. TratHc on the Berlin-Helmstedt autobahn is to be resumed. Pre-blockade regulations governing trade, mail and permits are to be restored. Currency rules are to continue " until a solution of the Berlin currency problem is reached." The Russian statement that the blockade would end at 12.1 a.m. on Thursday has cleared up a vague situation which arose because there had been no contact bt Rid h between Russia and the Western Powers. The British and Americans had assumed that the blockade would be lifted at this time. The Western Powers took the view that as Russia had agreed in Washington to lift her blockade, the should make the first move. RUSSIAN ORDERS Control Point Rules Gen. Chuykov's statement contained 12 orders. The most important ones were as follows: 1-Sixteen goods trains a day are to be allowed to resume running on the iiHQ between Berlin, Magdeburg and He.mstedt to supply the people of the Western sectors- and the Western Powers' occupation troops. 0—Motor traffic on the autobahn between Berlin and Helmstedt to he resumed for the benefit of the Western occupying Powers, g—Military and civilian members of the-Western occupying forces to be permitted to pass the Soviet debarkation line at control points at Marienbom and Nowawes without permits and. with permits, at other control points. This restores the ^ ^vw i- — MURtion as before March 1 last year, formal regulations for the im-: port of goods into the Soviet zone a Berlin and their export in the M' opposite direction, according to trade agreements in force last year, are to be restored provided the prescribed permits are obtained. MILITARY FREIGHT No Examination S-Military freight of the Western Allies and the luggage and personal effects of civil and military (Uncials, to be passed without control or examination at Marienbom. g—Until a solution of the Berlin currency problem is reached the jynsfer of Soviet-backed Eastmarks, westmarks and foreign currency as well as cheques. &c., over the Soviet renal demarkation line to be governed by existing regulations. The Niect, of this clause is that the two gyal currencies in Eastern and ^estem Germany will not be exported or imported except in very limited quantities. T-Police checks on traffic and pedestrians crossing the "sector boundaries in Greater Berlin to be removed. 8--The transport of letters by train between Berlin and the Soviet gne and between Berlin and the western zones to be resumed over specified routes. [(-Parcel post packages to be freely accepted in all post ofdces in ail sectors of Berlin. M)"The chief of the transport . administration of the Soviet ^Hilary Administration has been gstructed to augment the number of grages for repairs and the sale of rml on the autobahn between Berim and Helmstedt. . Jhia clause is of especial interest yause it has long been believed that "^Russians would take such a step °QQ would ask travellers belonging to ge Western Occupying Powers ^Pay their bills in foreign currency. flRST BRITISH TRAIN a***- Start authorities in Berlin said * that the first train from the zone to Berlin would be a giitary one, due to cross the shortly after 1 6 JLThmsday, and reach Berlin^ It . t - . ^ M.! . Rate^f that, subject tb the rg of the permanent way and to t wilt^ six will'be one a German^civHian ^oassens^ tfain and is ! ^Thursda/ ^^ the freight RMns "offered" will contain coal; OthnG. Y**^*tm wm cviintui cum, jyrs will bring in fresh potatoes b^coRsumer goods. Some freight will be routed via Oerbisfelde It? ^Midal. instead of Helmstedt. cJLioiiows previous practice. No hiHpMis will be carried in British trains. hrGyish civilians are instructed to Passports when travelling by previous practice^ whenofBctal patent Tere .-PeLded Weston^Am.c ^ adequateM?he ban existing hpforp ihp y^deonBilt^h^-on^n n-Hv^f y. along thp^ RpLi^Tnin^hn ^bng dai^neS wiU^e ^naintah^ &RITTQM Ai n^n^n^Dp* ZONE TALKS ) 'ipORans Meet Mr Bevin pf Gen. Sir Brian ^wrtson, Hntisn Military Gover,Thos met Mr. Bevin were: bf ivn- Dcvm were: Premier of North Rhine^Qof Schumacher, chair!P3Dr Democratic party President of the Constitution German Republic, night at Bonn, will probFriday ^ iR Frankfurt on '