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  • Title Berlin's 322-Day Blockade Ends
  • Publication Title The Daily Telegraph
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  • Date Thursday,  May 12, 1949
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BERLINS 322-DAY BLOCKADE ENDS COLUMNS OF LORRIES PASS CHECK-POINTS FIRST CARS REACH THE CAPITAL AT 1.40 A.M. RUSSIANS SAY TRAINS MUST USE SOVIET-ZONE ENGINES Berlin's 322-day blockade ended at one minute past midnight local time (11.1 p.m. B.S.T.) last night. Within a few minutes a Beet of all types of motor vehicles which had gathered in Berlin and at Helmstedt, 88 miles away on the border of the British and Russian zones, was released on to the .autobahn, and by 1.40 a.m. the first cars were reaching Berlin from the West. The first vehicles to cross the frontiers at Helmstedt were British military cars carrying oRicers. These were followed by radio vans relaying reports to Berlin and Helmstedt on the state of the road. They passed through the Russian check point at 12.9 a.m. Two American Jeeps were the hrst vehicles to leave Berlin for the West, followed by a British convoy similar to that travelling in the opposite direction. At the same time the first train to Beriin from the West crossed the British zone frontier at 1.30 a.m. It was made up of two parts—the American half which had come from Frankfurt and the British from Bielefeld—and was due at Charlottenburg Station at 6.30 a.m. Four hours before the blockade was lifted the Russians demanded that all trains to and from Berlin should be drawn by Soviet zone- engines. It was agreed after an all-day discussion that. Western zone drivers and firemen could be used on these engines,