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  • Title New State in East Germany
  • Publication Title Western Daily Press
  • Collection Western Daily Press
  • Date Wednesday,  Oct. 5, 1949
  • Volume 183
  • Issue Number 30205
  • Page Number 1
  • Place of Publication Yeovil, England
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
  • Source Library British Library
NEW STATE IN EAST GERMANY PROCLAIMED THIS WEEK THE EAST GERMAN STATE will be formally proclaimed on Fri- day in the former Nazi propaganda ministry on the Wilhelmsplatz, re- ports from usually reliable German sources indicated last night. The People's Council, composed of representatives of all legal Soviet Zone parties and mass organisations, will declare itself to be the pro- visional parliament of the "German Democratic Republic," and will then elect a government. Hen- Otto Grotdwohl. 55-year-old former Social Democrat, who is now co-chairman of the Communist Socialist Unity Party, will be the first minister president, reports say- Seven of the 14 "abinet posts have been allotted to m-mbers of the Socialist Unity Party, and the other seven distributed between the Christian Democrats, the Liberal Democrats and the National Demo- crats. German sources said the proclama- tion of a new government would be preceded by a Soviet statement de- fining its responsibility which would also guarantee the conclusion of a peace treaty within a certain period and a definite settlement of German reparations payments to Russia. ZONES PACT The Allied High Commission, in Frankfurt last night postponed for 48 hours the signing of the £53,571,429 trade agreement between the Eastern and Western Zones. Alliied officials emphasised that the postponement was to enable the Allied High Commissioners to review the pact at Bonn to-morrow. —Associated Press and Reuter.