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  • Title East German demands coming
  • Publication Title Western Daily Press
  • Collection Western Daily Press
  • Date Saturday,  Oct. 8, 1949
  • Volume 183
  • Issue Number 30208
  • Page Number 1
  • Place of Publication Yeovil, England
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
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  • Source Library British Library
East German demands coming call to allies —END OCCUPATION THE entire Soviet garrison — about 3,000 strong — k to be withdrawn from eastern Berlin by next %r *?< according to German sources last night, c fom> a German Democratic Republic" had been pro- "dmc in the Soviet zone. % t 3 Uss * an troops were evacuating their central Kom- qs j^^ Ura In Berlin's eastern sector at the same time fecfo m Piec k, veteran German Communist leader, the "Parliament of the German Democratic PUbll c" had been established. action is thought to anticipate a request k East German Government is expected to address 0/ Q i, '°ur occupying powers for immediate withdrawal 11 tr oops from Berlin. Hj) r GERMAN STATE *he n in Berlin yesterday, lm Pieck * 73 -y ear -° ld \ (Jen C ° mm unist leader, made b er s of lar ati on after the 330 mem- ci, tn e Soviet Zone People's t feting in Goering's old air decided to convert the c °uncil into the Lower " Volkskarnmer " of tn e new litest to tile meetin S a long 01 % p pre Pared by the presidium toe <j e °Ple's Council, setting out of the "national front.'' which were unani- -ofthe J* d °Pted, included: Abolition c Upation Statute and Ruhr J^hflj a atx early peace treaty and tr**4am- of tr oops; abolition of h Pact and the European Sr-y of Berlin as the liS of * Uni ted Germany, nrohi- foreign capital investment d! s; aart roved °y German authori- se ir£ an end of dismantling of Jm Americans '5* To Us" IS t£ hail nev er be able to forget C*tly." e Americans did to Ger- »h JW* k said " when the war 31 over the Americans Ped bombs on undefended r>*sihi rget s solely to make it e St c f or Germany to be $>;°Dls Jpall upon the German rjJT 4 Sive their confidence to ' and to the new People's iit ty *W to Grotewohl. Socialist & fwty chau-man. will be nomi- Vl 1 <W Pr hne Minister of the ff*ct hi! nan Republic, and will ChaLP a binet and present it to M?°Unr cr n Wednesday. Pieck s*l be h ? that General Elections Jv«st r on October 15 next year e rman Federal Chancellor, v«it Adenauer, declared last the East German 2Se Was without legal basis £ had no backing from the tauter.