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  • Title Blockade By West Allies Tightened
  • Publication Title Derby Daily Telegraph
  • Collection Derby Daily Telegraph
  • Date Friday,  Sept. 17, 1948
  • Volume CXXII
  • Issue Number 20924
  • Page Number 1
  • Place of Publication Derby, England
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
  • Source Library British Library
Blockade By West Allies Tightened The Western Allies to-day tightened their counter- blockade of the Russian zone to shut off the last flow of sjoods from Western Germany to the East. PATROLS were increased at crossing points tho entire length of " Bizonia's " frontier with the Soviet zone to halt any east-bound freight on the high- ways. This counter-blockade was imposed in late June as a reprisal for the Russians shutting the roads to Berlin. It stopped rail and highway freight movement to the Soviet zone from Western Germany, cutting off for the Russians badly-needed Ruhr coal and steel. Since then, however, Germans on both sides of the interzonal borders have developed leaks and restored varying amounts of local trade. Frequently sub- terfuge and trickery has been employed to get cargoes past border controls. 100 EXTRA POLICE At Helmstedt, major control point between the British and Soviet Zones, district police were increased by 100 and police at highway checkpoints boosted from eight to 24. The U.S. Air Force'disclosed to-day that it has surveyed possible sites for additional air- fields to augment the air lift to Berlin if necessary. "PROTECTION" SOUGHT Soviet Sector police in Berlin have asked Doctor Johannes Stumm, President of the West Sector German Police, for "pro- tection," West Sector German Turn To Back Page