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  • Title Stalin Plan for Germany
  • Publication Title Aberdeen Journal
  • Collection Aberdeen Journal
  • Date Friday,  July 20, 1945
  • Issue Number 28252
  • Page Number 1
  • Place of Publication Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
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STALIN PLAN FOR GERMANY for Political Parties: Pledge to Avert Famine M EDEN INDISPOSED 'CHURCHILL, Generalissimo Stalin and Presideiit Truman ave n ow entered the second phase of their momentous c °ncerning the future of Europe. (w^° rre spondents say it can be stated with a reasonable degree of ffy. 11 % that the important primary objectives of the Potsdam Con- nce have already been achieved. IK , is officially announced that the Big Three are meeting la %, and that the three Foreign Secretaries are holding CUs sions to map out agendas for each subsequent dis- p men cmeis. Ved Climin ary talks have been successfully con- con^erence s . developing at favour- ruman held a state banquet last night toi%siir. y Principal Allied statesmen at the Wa s exception of Mr Anthony Eden, to Arsh ! nt ** s P° s ed and could not join his colleagues. \ efll ianv -^ ta^n s P^ an f° r future joint policy in regard L ?r s. 'pi ls the subject of discussion by conference ob- *e^uss^an a i ms are believed to be: — hfi a det declaration signed in Berlin Ij.'Hy # aile d declaration of policy on German responsi- V ' re P ara tions. German economic and industrial German markets, especially in the Balkans. e n the coming winter famine will not be up u^s °* conquest of Germany. democratically-constituted political parties, , ei r o \vn Contr °l of the occupying Powers, but controlling MHoth member s and branches in all parts of Germany, k' r u ern exercising the Soviet delegates to l ks, Relieved to be the future control of the Dar- - 42l INDUSTRY'S FATE 11 Xh e p Froi » ALEXANDER WERTH, W . ress an d Journal " Special Correspondent W* ri ny " inside in- saKC. the Bis Three b Ve r 5 n, importance of tne of the aoflv structure " is, how- Ne* 0 ' and the °uu numerous Lndiica- v k-f lijJ of ® likely to be dis- to t the Russians SsVC^ cussed tyvNe tK ying that the Far Si e t Se questions, it is tS tH 13 * the recent in Moscow ' om as one v °ri<i • not only Euro- |Nt H Dr °blems will be i s tl tl! t 'o ( n U^ Uon receiving Kw thJ eGo *hc Russian an problem- agreement in tw een th e Big jKo real key to Cr^tyy 1 ! 0 question of re- to a purely agri- indus- trial capacity both quantitatively and qualitatively wili be strictly limited an-a the main principles thereon are likely to be laid down in Berlin. It is also considered important, is emphasised by the Russian Press, that German industrial recupera- tion should in no circumstances be financed as after the last war with a large investment of foreign capital. There is some uneasiness at the idea that some British and Ameri- cans appear willing to work with all sorts of ex-Nazis and German militarists and some highly un- favourable comments, »supported by quotations from the British Press, have been published on the hob-nobbing with Alfred Hugen- burg. industrial and Press magnate, one of the chief financial backers of the Nazi movement and member of the first Hitler Government in 1933. . „ On the other hand " Izvestia draws attention to the fact that German Catholic emigres in the United States and elsewhere are proposing the establishment of a •' Catholic German State" which would be a " barrier against the Soviet Union."