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  • Title Social Democrats Win Berlin Elections
  • Publication Title Evening Telegraph
  • Collection Evening Telegraph
  • Date Monday,  Oct. 21, 1946
  • Issue Number 21811
  • Page Number 8
  • Place of Publication Dundee, Scotland
  • Language English
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SOCIAL DEMOCRATS WIN BERLIN ELECTIONS The German Social Democratic Party has' achieved an overwhelming victory in the Berlin municipal elections. The Socialist Unity Party, the Soviet- instigated fusion of the Social Democrats and Communists in the Soviet zone, came third. • Official position when votes from 2175 of Berlin's 2284 polling stations had been counted to-day was: — Social Democrats 948,743 votes. Christian Democrats, 421.916. Socialist Unity Party, 383,182. Liberal Democrats, 182,079. One Social Democrat official cpmmented:— " Despite the avalanche of paper, overwhelm- ing newspaper superiority, offers of huge bribes, threats, and terrible reprisals bv the Socialist Unity Party, tliei first free Four- Power controlled elections in Germany have shown our people to be Social Democrat and not Communist." The election results will mean tremendous changes in the Berlin administration, at present overwhelmingly in the hands of the Socialist Unity Party. Of 2,363,000 voters, 1,962,000 cast their vote, which is 83 per cent. In Soviet Zone. At the same time as the Berlin elections some 11,000.000 voters in the Soviet Zone were electing members of the provincial parliaments of the five provinces which make up the zone as well as provincial and county councils. A surprise feature of the Soviet Zone elec- tions was that so far there was a composite majority against the Socialist Unity Party —formed by fusion of Communists and Social Democrats. Latest results are :— Socialist Unity—B3o,ooo. Liberal Democratic —564.000. Christian Democratic —374,000. The combined votes of the Christian Democrats and of the Liberal Democrats outnumbered those of the Socialist Unity Party in Brandenberg. Mecklenburg, Saxony, and Thuringia. —, ,