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  • Title Full Communism Asked in Red Zone
  • Publication Title New York Herald Tribune (European Edition)
  • Collection New York Herald Tribune (European Edition)
  • Date Thursday,  July 10, 1952
  • Page Number 3
  • Place of Publication Paris, France
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
  • Source Library The New York Times Company
Full Communism Asked in Red Zone Ulbricht Urges Formation Of East German Army f BERLIN, July 9 (A P.).—Walter Ulbricht, Deputy Premier of East Germany, tonight called for all-out Communism in Soviet-occupied East Germany and for the forma¬ tion of an East Zone army which he said was necessary for the de¬ fense against Western “imperial¬ ism.” Speaking at a conference of the East Zone's ruling Socialist Unity (Communist) party, which opened in East Berlin today, Mr. Ulbricht declared: “Democratic and economic de¬ velopments have now reached the stage where we must begin the systematic construction of socialism in 'the (East) German Democratic Republic.” This means the complete com- munization of all spheres of public life in the Russian Zone, and spe¬ cifically the abolition of what little private industry is still left there. Mr Ulbricht. who as secretary general, controls the Politburo of the East German Communists, has repeatedly stated in recent years that the construction of iwhat he calls “socialism" means, in poli¬ tical terms, the establishment of a “people's democracy” modeled after Russia’s satellite regimes.