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  • Title New Threat on Contract by Ulbricht
  • Author Hill, Russell From the Herald Tribune Bureau
  • Publication Title New York Herald Tribune (European Edition)
  • Collection New York Herald Tribune (European Edition)
  • Date Tuesday,  May 13, 1952
  • Page Number [1]
  • Place of Publication Paris, France
  • Language English
  • Document Type Article
  • Publication Section News
  • Source Library The New York Times Company
s t New Threat On Contract By Ulbricht Officials at Bonn Are Given Warning East Zone Official Also Sees ‘Consequence’ for West Sector of Berlin By Russell Hill From the Herald Tribune Bureau Copyright New York Herald Tribune, Inc. BONN, May 12.—Members of the West German government and Parliament who negotiate or vote for a contractual agreement with the Western Allies will be black¬ listed and subject to “punishment by the people,” Vice-Chancellor Walter Ulbricht, the top' East- German Communist, warned today in Berlin. This was the latest in a series of threats the East Germans have made with the purpose of prevent¬ ing conclusion of the contractual agreement which provides for West German rearmament. The West German government and the West¬ ern Allied High Commissioners have been putting in long hours at negotiations designed to have the agreement ready for signature by the Western Foreign Ministers later this month. Warns of ‘Consequences’ Mr. Ulbricht also warned that signature of the agreement, often referred to here as a “peace con¬ tract” and by the Communists as a “war contract,” would have “consequences” for West Berlin. He said that this was not a “military threat,” but that the consequences would be felt in Berlin on the following day. His words suggested to observers that the Soviet action in prevent¬ ing Western Allied military police vehicles firom leaving Berlin to patrol the autobahn to West Ger¬ many may be a foretaste of the measures contemplated against West Berlin. [The Russians are barring routine Western patrols on the 110-mile stretch of road leading west, but are permitting similar patrols to enter from the Helmstedt end, the Associated Press said.] Justifies Plane Attack Mr. Ulbricht also justified the attack two weeks ago by Soviet fighters cn an Air France passen¬ ger plane over East Germany. He charged that the plane had left the air corridor with the object of photographing the Leuna synthetic- gasoline plant and other factories which would later he the targets of “terror bombs.” The Western Allied and West German negotiators are still work¬ ing toward the target date of May 20 for signature of the contractual agreement, according to the latest official word. A further postpone¬ ment is regarded as very possible, however, in view of the number of points remaining to be settled. The Cabinet held an all-day meet¬ ing lasting until late this evening with Parliamentary leaders of the coalition parties. Chancellor Kon¬ rad Adenauer is trying to obtain assurances of Bundestag support for the agreement before he signs it. The Bundestag leaders have raised objections to a number of points on which agreement with the Western Allies had already been reached. The Chancellor will report these objections to the High Commission¬ ers at a meeting scheduled for to¬ morrow. It is expected that the Western Allies will try to help the Chancellor by rewording some pas¬ sages in the agreement so they will be less objectionable to German public opinion. There is still, how¬ ever the possibility of a deadlock.