Being a nurse in the daily routine of Primary Health Care: the doing, learning and living with.

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From: Online Brazilian Journal of Nursing(Vol. 18, Issue 1)
Publisher: Fluminense Federal University, Nursing Activities Interest Group
Document Type: Article
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Objective: understand the daily life of the Primary Health Care (PHC) nurse and their experiences as being it, doing it, and learning to live together. Method: a holistic-qualitative multiple case study, based on Comprehensive Sociology of Daily Life, with 54 nurses. Results: The being a nurse in PHC experiences protagonism, autonomy, the applicability of knowledge and professional skills by performing the doing with humanization, empathy, responsibility, and ethics. The nurses live, learn and live with daily challenges, such as a high number of registered people, lack of human resources, high spontaneous and repressed demand, attention focused on illness and the need for continuing education. Final considerations: the being, doing, learning, and living with of the nurses is guided by great responsibilities and charges around what is ideal and what is real in the daily life of the PHC. The infrastructure and functionality of PHC units are far from the idealized and desired reality. Descriptors: Primary Care Nursing; Role of the Nursing Professional; Professional Competence; Male and Female Nurses; Advanced Nursing Practice.

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