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Impacts of Technology

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Date: 2023
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Technology and Work Technology helps people do work. Technology helps people do work. © MAVV

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Words to Know

what people know about something
send and get messages

Technology is knowledge. People use it to make things. They use it to help people.

Technology can be simple. A ramp is simple. But technology can be difficult, too. A cell phone an example. It is hard to make.


Technology is important. It is used in many ways. It can make power. It turns on a light bulb. It makes a train move. It makes machines work.

Electricity is power. Gas is, too. Wind can make power. Water can, too.


Technology helps people communicate. They can do this on phones. They can do this with computers. People send email. They use social media.

People need to talk. They need to know things. They need to stay safe. They need to know about storms. They need to know about floods.

Talking can also be bad. People might lie. They might trick others.


People did not know how to print. They could not make copies. This was a long time ago.

They might want a copy of a book. They had to make it by hand.

Then they made a machine. It could print. It did this fast. It made many copies.

People used it. They made newspapers. They made books.

Today people use printers. They work with computers. They make it easy to print.

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Did You Know?

People buy things. But most do not pay in cash. They buy things online. They use debit cards. They use credit cards, too.


Technology helps people. It helps with their health. It helps them stay healthy. It helps them exercise. It helps them eat better.

People make machines. They help people breathe. They help their heart. They take their temperature.

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