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The History of Technology

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Date: 2023
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Fire Fire was one of the most important tools discovered by early humans. Fire was one of the most important tools discovered by early humans. © Benevolente82

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Words to Know

to create something for the first time
machines that give power; motors
to talk to others

Technology is knowledge. People use it to help them. They invent tools. Computers are tools.

Technology seems new. But people have always used it.

Early People

Early people looked for food. They ate berries. They ate nuts. They hunted animals.

They made tools. They used rocks. They used sticks.

They learned to make fire. It was a tool. They cooked food.

They learned to farm. They made tools. They used them to plant crops.

Later People

People learned to make new tools. They used metal. This helped them.

They made weapons. This helped them hunt. They made other tools. They helped them grow food.

They made more tools. They used them to build houses. They could live together. They formed towns.

In time, people made engines. This changed the world. People made farm machines. They invented cars. They made trains, too.

People made airplanes, too. They could travel anywhere. They could send goods on planes.

They learned how to make electricity. They used water wheels. In time, they came up with other ways.

Modern Times

People invented the telephone. They made radios. They made televisions.

Computers changed the world. So did the Internet. People had a lot of information. They could communicate. They did this in new ways.

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Did You Know?

No one person made the Internet. Many people made it. People created networks. These are computers. They are connected. The military did this. Scientists did, too. They connected these networks. The networks became the Internet.

Technology helped sick people. Machines made them better. They helped people stay healthy.

People went into space. They went to the moon. They traveled in spaceships.

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