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Scientists, Engineers, and Technologists

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Date: 2023
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Chemist A chemist is a type of scientist. A chemist is a type of scientist. ©

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Words to Know


Science is very important. It has changed the world. It has changed life for all people. Many people study science. Many people use its ideas.

It is a huge field. Many people have professions in science. These jobs are alike in ways. They are different too. They may work apart. They often help each other.


Some people work as scientists. These people study the world. They study life. They want to know about planets. They learn about animals.

These people learn about the world the way it is. They want to answer questions. They do not often try to change the world.

Scientists may do experiments. They start with a question. They test it in many ways. Sometimes they find an answer.


Some people are engineers. These people are like scientists. They study the work of scientists. But they add to it.

Engineers build new things. They create new ideas. They change the world in many ways.

They may build computers. They may create new foods. They may help people live longer.


Other people are technologists. That means they work with technology. That means tools or machines.

These people work with engineers. They use what engineers make. They study it. Sometimes they repair it. Sometimes they make it work better.

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STEM is a way of learning. It deals with sciences. It is a great way for students to learn. Then they may get jobs in science.

Working Together

These jobs are all different. But they all use science. They work together in many ways.

Some jobs find information. Other jobs make new things. This helps all the groups to succeed.

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