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Plants and Their Environment

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Date: 2023
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Plants and Water Plants need water to survive. Plants need water to survive. © amenic181

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Words to Know

live in the world

Many kinds of plants exist. They come in all shapes and sizes. But they all need a place to live.

An environment is a living place. It has space to grow or move. It may have food or water.

Plants need to find the right living place for them. They can live in many kinds of places.

What Plants Need

Plants are special things. They are not like animals. Plants can produce their own food. But they need some help.

Most plants need soil to grow in. They need water to drink. They need light and air too.

Sunlight is important. Plants gather sunlight in their leaves. It helps them make their own food.

A good environment for plants needs all of these things.


Many plants live in forests. The forests may be hot or cold. Some forests are warm and wet. Others have heavy snow.

Different plants grow in different forests. Many are tall trees. Others are leafy ferns. Moss is a tiny plant. It grows on rocks and wood.


Many parts of the world are covered in grass. Grass is a plant. Other small plants can live there too.

These places are often dry. They do not get enough water for tall trees to grow.


Deserts are very dry places. They are usually very hot also. Not many plants can grow there.

Only special plants know how to live in deserts. One kind is the cactus. It has to work hard to save enough water.

Watery Places

Many plants grow in wet places. They may grow along rivers or lakes. They may grow in salty ocean water.

Some plants love water. They can float on the water. Other plants grow under the water.

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The Strong Sun

Much of our food comes from the sun. Plants use sunlight to make their own food. Many people and animals eat plants. Many animals eat each other too. They all use this sun power.

Polar Places

The poles are very cold and dry places. They are tough on plants. Not many plants grow there.

Only strong plants can live there. Most are very small. They may be moss or grass.

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