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Earth’s Resources

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Date: 2023
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Soil Soil is an important resource. Soil is an important resource. © zoyas2222

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Words to Know

something in nature that people need, like wood
hard to find
good things that plants need

Earth’s resources are found in nature. People use them. Animals do, too. Air is a resource. Water is, too. They are important.

People need them to survive. They need them to be healthy.


Water covers most of Earth. Living things need it. But most water is salty. People cannot drink it.

People drink fresh water. It has to be clean. But it is rare in some places.

Animals need water, too. They need it to drink. Fish live in water.


Plants are a resource. Animals are, too. People eat plants. They eat animals, too.

People need trees. They use their wood. They make things with it.

People need to be careful. They cannot cut down too many trees. Then there may not be enough. It takes a long time for a tree to grow.


People use animals for food. They use them to make things, too.

They use them to make medicine. They drink cow’s milk. They eat eggs. They eat meat, too.


Soil is also a resource. It is not all good, though. Some is not good for growing plants. It lacks nutrients.

Farmers plow fields. They plant crops. They need to be careful. They need to take care of the soil. Or it might not be good for growing.

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Did You Know?

A renewable resource will come back. Plants are an example. People use them. But then they grow back. A nonrenewable resource cannot come back. People use coal. It will not come back. It takes millions of years to form.

Fossil Fuels

Coal is a fossil fuel. Gas and oil are, too. They are burned. Then they make energy.

But they cannot be replaced. One day there will not be any more.

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