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Flowers An image of a field of flowers. An image of a field of flowers. © EllenSmile

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Words to Know

to make a new plant or animal
something that can grow a new plant

A flower is a part of a plant. A flower blooms. Most plants have flowers. Flowers come in many shapes, sizes, and colors. Flowers make seeds. New flowers grow from seeds.

Parts of a Flower

Flowers have three basic parts. They are the petals, leaves, and stem.

The petals are the colorful part of the flower. The leaves grow out of the stem. The stem holds up the flower.


Flowers can pollinate. This means they reproduce.

A flower has a male part and a female part. The male part makes pollen. This looks like powder.

The female part has an egg. Pollen fertilizes the egg. Then it makes seeds. New plants grow from seeds.

Bees get nectar from flowers. Nectar tastes like sugar. Pollen gets on bees when they are on a flower.

Then bees go to another flower. They spread pollen this way. They help flowers pollinate.

Seeds end up on the ground. Sometimes they grow. They need air, water, and dirt to grow.

A small plant is called a sprout. The sprout grows into a new flower.

Why Flowers Are Important

People like flowers. Flowers are pretty.

Flowers are also a source of food. Broccoli and cauliflower are flowers.

Insects and animals eat flowers. Honeybees need flowers to survive. Deer and rabbits eat flowers.

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