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Jane Goodall

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Date: 2020
Publisher: Gale, part of Cengage Group
Document Type: Biography
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About this Person
Born: April 03, 1934 in London, United Kingdom
Nationality: British
Occupation: Primatologist
Other Names: Morris-Goodall, Valerie Jane; Goodall, Valerie Jane; Lawick-Goodall, Jane van; Bryceson, Jane
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Jane Goodall Jane Goodall is famous for studying chimpanzees. Jane Goodall is famous for studying chimpanzees. © Tinseltown

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bugs that eat wood

Jane Goodall was the first person to study chimpanzees in the wild. She studied chimps in Africa.

She did this for more than forty years. She made important discoveries about chimps.


Goodall was born on April 3, 1934. She was born in London, England.

Her father was a businessperson. Her mother was a writer.

As a child, Goodall loved animals. She wanted to travel to Africa. She wanted to see the wild animals there.

As a teen, she worked hard. She saved her money. She wanted to be able to go to Africa.

Going to Africa

Jane reached her dream at twenty-three. She had enough money to go. She stayed with a friend in Kenya. This is in Africa.

Jane loved Africa. She decided to stay there.

She met a man named Louis Leakey. He offered her a job. It was to study chimpanzees.

Jane took the job. She moved to a park. She studied chimps there.

She lived with the chimps for a while. She gave them names. One was Greybeard. He had a gray beard. Others were Gigi, Flo, and Frodo.

Important Discoveries

Jane learned that chimps make and use tools. They held pieces of grass.

They stuck them into holes in trees. They pulled out termites. Then they ate them.

She learned that chimps eat meat. People used to think they just ate plants. But she saw them hunting. She saw them eating meat.

She also learned that chimps have emotions. They are like people in this way. They get sad, angry, and happy.

After Africa

Goodall spends her days traveling. She teaches people about chimps.

She works to help chimps. She works to help all animals.


Family: Daughter of Mortimer Herbert Morris-Goodall and Margaret Myfanwe Joseph; married Baron Hugo van Lawick in 1964; married Derek Bryceson 1976: one son Hugo Eric Louis van Lawick. Education: Newnham College; University of Cambridge.

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