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Coleman, Bessie

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Date: 2015
Publisher: Encyclopedia Britannica, Inc.
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Born: January 26, 1892 in Atlanta, Texas, United States
Died: April 30, 1926 in Jacksonville, Florida, United States
Nationality: American
Occupation: Airplane pilot
Other Names: Brave Bessie
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Bessie Coleman was the first African American woman to become an airplane pilot. She faced many challenges both as a woman and as an African American. But she became very successful and still serves as a role model for many young people.

Bessie Coleman Bessie Coleman NASA

Elizabeth Coleman was born on January 26, 1892, in Atlanta, Texas. Not long after she was born the family moved to Waxahachie, Texas, where she grew up. Her family was very poor, and she had to work to help earn some money. But she was interested in learning and worked hard at that as well. After she graduated from high school she briefly attended college in Langston, Oklahoma. However she ran out of money and had to leave after just one term.

Coleman soon moved to Chicago, where two of her brothers lived. There she became interested in flying. At the time this was still a very new profession. Coleman applied to flying school in the United States but was turned down because she was an African American woman. A friend suggested she move to France and attend school there. She did that, and in 1921 she received her pilot’s license. She later received more training in Germany.

When Coleman returned to the United States she performed in air shows around the country. Many people attended such shows to watch pilots perform thrilling moves in their airplanes. Coleman spoke to many groups to interest other African Americans in flying. She also planned to start a flight school in the United States. However, she died in an accident while preparing for a show on April 30, 1926, in Jacksonville, Florida.

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