Help your kids stay connected with their friends during pandemic.

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Date: July 7, 2020
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It's been long known that socializing for children is a crucial part of growing up, but during the COVID-19 pandemic lots of families have made the decision to keep their kids home and limit any social interactions with other kids.

Social interaction can help young children to start to develop their sense of self and also start to learn what others expect from them. Although many families are continuing to keep their kids at home, there are a few ways they can still connect with their friends and family, according to

1. Set up a virtual play date: Services like Zoom, FaceTime, WhatsApp, Caribu and Marco Polo allow kids to have some digital time with friends, even if they don't do much during the play date.

2. Gather their friends for a game night: Apps like Pogo allow your kids to play some of their favorite board games. Kids can also game with friends using XBox Live and Nintendo Online.

3. Host a movie night: Netflix Party lets kids watch movies together with a monthly subscription. It allows you to synchronize video playback with your child's friends and you can add a group chat so they can "talk" during the movie.

4. Neighborhood scavenger hunt: While out for walks, parents can make a game of finding different objects found throughout the neighborhood. You can start a Facebook page for your kids to post what they have found and where.

5. Go retro and mail letters: Along with staying connected to their friends, sending a friend a letter helps teach them the mechanics of writing a letter and addressing an envelope.

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