What's Coming in the June 2009 edition of Aviation Maintenance

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Date: May 20, 2009
From: Aviation Maintenance(Vol. 9, Issue 5.)
Publisher: Access Intelligence, LLC
Document Type: Brief article
Length: 108 words

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Aviation MaintenanceCover story: Supply Chain Problems and Solutions

With the current downturn, different links in the supply chain are struggling to maximize profit. When the economy begins to turn around, what situation will various suppliers be in? It all depends on how problems are addressed today.

Intelligence: Southwest Airlines, Pratt & Whitney demo EcoPower engine wash on Boeing 737-700's CFM-56-7Bs. PAMA supports re-testing improperly certified mechanics. Chromalloy invests $16.5 million in Tampa casting facility.

Change Agent: Q&A with Pratt & Whitney Canada President John Saabas; Paul Adams, senior VP for engineering; and Bob Saia, VP of next generation product family.

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