Will AppWare be next to go?

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Author: Paul Krill
Date: Nov. 6, 1995
From: InfoWorld(Vol. 17, Issue 45)
Publisher: IDG Communications, Inc.
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In addition to trying to unload PerfectOffice, Novell Inc. is shopping around its AppWare development environment.

"We are currently in negotiation with a partner to take over and continue development and support of AppWare and its users," said Richard King, Novell executive vice president and general manager of the NetWare Systems Group, during a recent conference on CompuServe.

A Novell representative confirmed last week that Novell is looking for a partner to take the lead on AppWare development. However, it is unclear whether Novell or a third party would own AppWare, the representative said. As of late last week, no partner had stepped forward publicly to express interest in buying the development environment.

Novell has already abandoned part of the AppWare platform, the AppWare Foundation cross-platform libraries, leaving the rapid application development tool now known as AppWare.

Still, one AppWare user said she will be disappointed if Novell sells it off altogether.

"AppWare's a really good interface to get to [NetWare Directory Services], so I hope they keep it," said Lisa Laing, senior network systems analyst at McGill University, in Montreal.

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