Novell Inc. AppWare Group spins off to form Network Multimedia; Network Multimedia brings AppWare to the Internet delivering on commitments to partners and developers

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Date: Mar. 6, 1996
Publisher: Business Wire, Inc.
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SALT LAKE CITY--(BUSINESS WIRE)--March 6, 1996--The Novell AppWare group announced today that it has spun off from Novell Inc. as a separate company to form Network Multimedia.

In an agreement signed on Feb. 2, 1996, and publicly announced today, the new privately held company, has purchased all rights to the AppWare(tm) technology -- a powerful high-level component-based development tool that allows its more than 50,000 developers to graphically "program like you think" for constructing desktop and network applications.

Network Multimedia also announced today its strategy to bring the benefits of AppWare's network and multimedia versatility to content providers developing for the Internet.

Network Multimedia brings a wealth of development, marketing expertise and continuity to AppWare. Ed Firmage, former director of AppWare marketing at Novell, is now president of Network Multimedia, and has brought several former AppWare team members to the new organization. The group has a proven track record as the original founders and architects of the high-level tool -- at Serius Corp., founded in 1989, and delivered four versions of the product prior to their acquisition by Novell in June 1993.

"We are excited to be in the driver's seat again. The past six months have been a quiet victory for AppWare as we have purposefully pursued development of network applications tools for the Macintosh and Windows platforms," said Ed Firmage, president of Network Multimedia. "We are now poised to deliver on existing commitments, as well as advance AppWare to the next level as the preferred visual Internet development tool."

"My job is to provide online solutions. AppWare does that faster -- concept to delivery -- than anything else I have ever used. The AppWare environment enables me to address the problem instead of focusing on the development system," said Todd Fantz, New Media Systems developer of CNN. "With Network Multimedia's renewed commitment to developers and a comprehensive new set of online tools, AppWare will continue to be my first solution."

AppWare is distributed through mail order and can be purchased directly from Network Multimedia for $199 by calling 801/261-8232.

Network Multimedia Inc.


Network Multimedia Inc. creates and markets the only visual cross-platform development tool designed to allow users to "program like they think" -- by graphically linking task-based components in a natural flow chart environment. AppWare is used by corporate and commercial developers, integrators, web masters, and multimedia content providers to build "double-clickable" applications and interactive Internet content. AppWare's rapid, easy-to-use environment enables customers to innovate the development cycle and reduce production costs.

Network Multimedia customers include CNN, U.S. Naval Air Warfare, Mobile Oil, Northeast Utilities, Digital Prairie, Attachmate Corp., Hewlett-Packard, Apple Computer, Pattern Corp., Wall Data, and Novell. Contact Network Multimedia by calling 801/261-8232 or through e-mail at


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