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Author: Wendy Woods
Date: Aug. 15, 1989
From: Newsbytes
Publisher: The Washington Post
Document Type: Brief article
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SCO FORUM 89 SLATED SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIA, U.S.A., 1989 AUG 9 (NB) -- Santa Cruz Operation (SCO) , maker of the PC version of the Unix operating system -- Xenix -- will sponsor SCO Forum89 on August 21 through 25 at the University of Santa Cruz campus. The forum will feature technical sessions, marketing, panel discussions, workshops, a new product showcase, and, of course, parties. SCO will unveil new products and discuss marketing strategies, and some 60 other firms will exhibit their wares. One full-day session will be devoted entirely to the issues and technologies that comprise Open Desktop, the out-of-the-box user-friendly interface for Unix. Among slated speakers are Doug and Larry Michels of SCO, Pauline Alker of Acer America, John Forbes of Autodesk, Larry Dooling of AT&T Unix, Jim Bell of X/Open, David House of Intel, Paul Maritz of Microsoft, Ray Noorda of Novell, and Bob Puette of Hewlett-Packard. For more information, in the U.S., Pacific Rim, Asia, or Latin America, contact SCO Forum89 information at 408-425-7222 or toll-free from the U.S. or Canada at 800-626-UNIX (626-8649). In Europe, the Middle East, or Africa contact SCO Forum89 at 44-0-923-816344. (Wendy Woods/19890809/Press Contact: Zee Zaballos, 408-425-7222)

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