PCs, comm software unveiled at SCO Forum

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Date: Aug. 28, 1989
From: PC Week(Vol. 6, Issue 34)
Publisher: QuinStreet Enterprise
Document Type: Brief article
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PCs, Comm Software

Unveiled at SCO Forum

International Software Corp. used last week's SCO Forum in Santa Clara, Calif., to announce a series of workstations, called PixC, that run Unix and DOS operating systems and applications simultaneously in separate windows. Prices range from $2,995 for a software-only upgrade to users' existing 286 or 386 systems, to $9,200 for a 386 PC with 4M bytes of memory and software. All are available now.

Also at SCO Forum, The James River Group announced Ice.Ten version 2.0, an upgrade of its software that allows DOS-based PCs to communicate with Unix systems. The new release, due next month, provides terminal emulation, file transfer, a DOS shell for Unix and a batch-command processor for both environments, along with the ability to run a DOS machine remotely from a Unix system.

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