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Author: Tore Rem
Date: Jan. 1999
From: The Modern Language Review(Vol. 94, Issue 1)
Publisher: Modern Humanities Research Association
Document Type: Book review
Length: 601 words

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Hunger. By KNUT HAMSUN. Trans. by SVERRE LYNGSTAD. Edinburgh: Rebel. 1996. 193 pp. 6.99 [pounds sterling].

Knut Hamsun's great urban novel has finally found a worthy English form. Sverre Lyngstad presents a new translation, free of the gross mistakes and approximations that marred the two earlier attempts at rendering Hamsun's style in this novel. George Egerton's 1899 translation (alias of Mary C. Dunne) was bowdlerized, and Robert Bly's American edition of 1967 displays, as Lyngstad remarks, 'a pseudo-creative attitude toward the craft of translation'.

It is perhaps not surprising that Hamsun never found a warm reception among the English. He came to hate them, and their imperialism, utilitarianism, and industrialism in particular, with all his heart. The luke-warm reception of the translation of his early works in Britain changed only temporarily after he was awarded the Nobel Prize for The Growth of the Soil in 1920. Many of the English...

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