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Date: 2020
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Born: April 27, 1962 in White Sands, New Mexico, United States
Died: November 01, 2020
Nationality: American
Occupation: Novelist
Other Names: Longstreet, Roxanne; Conrad, Roxanne Longstreet; Fortune, Julie; Conrad, Roxanne; Hammel, Ian
Updated:Nov. 11, 2020


Born April 27, 1962, in White Sands, New Mexico; died of cancer, November 1, 2020; married to R. Cat Conrad (a fantasy artist). Education: Texas Tech University, B.A.


Writer. Has worked in accounting, graphic design, insurance investigation, corporate communications, and web design. Was director of corporate communications and member of the senior management team for a corporation in Irving, Texas. Full-time writer, beginning 2010.


Paranormal Pearl Award; RT Booklovers Award; Best Urban Fantasy novel of 2010, RT Book Reviews; Career Achievement Award.



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Caine's work has been featured in publications such as People magazine and Vanity Fair. Contributor to a number of Dallas publisher BenBella Books' SmartPop anthologies of nonfiction essays, and to other anthologies.


The "Morganville Vampires" series has been adapted for streaming videos, Morganville: The Series, 2018.


Roxanne Conrad, the author or editor of several books, is better known by her pseudonym, Rachel Caine. As Caine, she is a New York Times best-selling author who has written over fifty novels in several series targeted both at an adult and young adult audience. Writing as Caine, Conrad is perhaps best known for the popular young adult series "Morganville Vampires."

In an interview on the Paranormal Romance website, when asked how she became a writer, Conrad responded: "I started writing when I was fourteen, but honestly, I never knew I wanted to be a writer. I didn't have any concept of writing as a profession until college, and I never considered it to be a real possibility." In that same interview, when asked about her writing routine, Conrad said: "Generally I do my writing very early in the mornings (for about three hours) and then I go to work for about a nine to ten hour workday. Add in the need to spend time with family ... and it can get difficult." Regarding her characterization process, Conrad told Michael A. Ventrella in an interview on his personal blog, Michael A. Ventrella: "I don't know that it's a conscious process for me. ... The characters really seem to do that on their own. I have found that less is more in character development. ... The more tics and traits you give a character, the less natural they seem over time. I find that starting small gives characters plenty of room to grow."

Among Conrad's most popular series are the "Weather Warden" series, the "Red Letters" series, the "Morganville Vampires" series, and the "Outcast Season" series. The "Weather Warden" series centers on Joanne Baldwin, a weather warden for an organization that attempts to prevent natural disasters. Joanne and the other weather wardens possess supernatural powers that allow them to manipulate the weather.

Reviewing Ill Wind on the RT Book Reviews website, contributor Jen Talley Exum remarked: "Caine's clever writing keeps the reader guessing nearly until the last page." Of Heat Stroke, Exum commented: "This follow-up to ... the previous volume [exceeds it] in sheer excitement and edge-of-your-seat suspense." In a review of Chill Factor, Exum noted: "Joanne continues to be a fascinating heroine, especially as more of her history is revealed." In a review of Windfall, Exum praised: "On the whole this is the darkest, most enthralling and most powerful novel yet from the talented Caine."

The "Morganville Vampires" series concerns Claire Danvers and her roommates, Eve, Shane, and Michael, who live in Morganville, Texas, a town run by evil vampires. Though the mayor is human, most of the other town officials are vampires. Claire is only sixteen years old, but she is exceptionally smart for her age, which has the effect of making her unpopular. Despite this, Claire and her friends battle evil throughout the series, coming out on top more often than not. Many of the novels in this series have made the New York Times best-seller list.

Reviewing the work Carpe Corpus on the Nice Girls Read Books website, a contributor stated: "the conclusion to this book was great--I'm so excited to continue on even though you could leave the series off here if you wished. There's no pressing danger or cliffhanger in Carpe Corpus." Reviewing the novel Glass Houses on the Vampire Genre website, contributor Vicky London reported: "Glass Houses is a nice change of pace from the typical vampire novel. These vampires are evil and the humans who live in the town are just cattle who live at their mercy." In a review of The Dead Girls' Dance on the same website, London said: "Caine has a talent for making you feel her character's intense frustration and helplessness in their seemingly inescapable situations." Reviewing Ghost Town on the YA Reads website, a contributor lauded: "Ghost Town is rocking in every which way. Caine is totally on point with this one, giving readers the right amount of action, drama, romance and suspense to keep us turning the pages obsessively."

Further installments in this popular series include Black Dawn and Bitter Blood. In the former title, Claire and her friends are still battling the creatures that feed on vampires. "Any enthralled by vampire fiction, especially those with prior familiarity with the Morganville setting, will relish this saga," noted a California Bookwatch reviewer. A Kirkus Reviews critic was also impressed, commenting: "This series continues to provide terrific action and great entertainment. Plenty of fun." Trouble comes when a television crew arrives in Morganville in Bitter Blood, a "fine and vivid vampire novel," according to a California Bookwatch contributor. Voice of Youth Advocates reviewer Lauri J. Vaughan also had praise, noting: "Caine is nothing if not consistent. While predictable, the story line is fun, filled with the sexual tension typical in vampire tales, and the dialog is crisp."

Claire is off to MIT in Fall of Night. A California Bookwatch reviewer noted of this installment: "A funny, absorbing plot and a spunky heroine make this a winner, even for newcomers." Claire and her friends return to a different Morganville in the series, Daylighters.

The "Outcast Season" series is a spin-off of the "Weather Warden" series. Titles in the "Outcast Season" books concern Cassiel, a former djinn stuck in a human world. She is forced to cooperate with the wardens, whom she detests, in order to survive.

Reviewing the work Undone on the BoomTron website, contributor Amber Drake recommended: "I wouldn't advise readers new to Rachel Caine to begin with this one. Start with the Weather Wardens, then read the Morganville Vampire series and read this one as a bit of enjoyment while waiting for more of those." Reviewing the novel Unknown on the RT Book Reviews website, contributor Natalie A. Luhrs assessed: "This offering doesn't advance the main story much, and readers may be left wanting more." The series continues with Unseen and Unbroken.

Again writing as Caine and for young adults, Conrad launched her "Great Library" series with the 2015 novel, Ink and Bone. This fantasy series is set in an alternate reality in which the Great Library of Alexandria was not destroyed in ancient times, but instead has developed into a worldwide and monolithic server of information. Knowledge comes only from the Great Library and its automaton army makes sure that the possession of books by the public is strictly prohibited. In the first installment, teenage Jess and his family deal in illegal books and Jess becomes something of a stealth candidate to work in the Great Library. But Jess soon sees how the control of information is more important to those who run the Great Library than is human life. Writing in the Christian Science Monitor, Katie Ward Beim-Esche commented: "Ink and Bone will resonate for all YA readers, but for Harry Potter fans above all. Fellow bibliophiles, expect to be some variation on struck--awestruck, dumbstruck, starstruck, maybe even thunderstruck. Here's to you, Scholar Caine, for introducing a new series to thrill every bookworm's heart!" A Publishers Weekly reviewer also had praise, noting that the author's "elegantly detailed descriptions bring Jess's world to vivid life in a fast-paced, action-oriented plot that will leave readers breathlessly anticipating not just the next page but the next book in the 'Great Library' series." Similarly, Booklist critic Ilene Cooper concluded: "The cliff-hanger ending leaves readers wanting more, and right now, please."

The second installment, Paper and Fire, continues Jess's story in training to be a High Garda soldier. He is alone now that his friend Thomas has disappeared and his girlfriend Morgan has been dispatched to the Iron Tower. Voice of Youth Advocates contributor Rummanah Aasi felt that the "series' most appealing factor of blending several popular genres such as alternative history, fantasy, and dystopian with a little dash of steampunkish elements, along with the construction of a totalitarian library, will attract a wide range of readers." A Smart Bitches, Trashy Books website writer also had a high assessment, commenting: "I love this series not for the romance, but for the friendship and sense of camaraderie, for the gorgeous imagery and sense of place, for the world building, and for the concept."

Ash and Quill continues the adventures of Jess and his friends, transported magically to the American colonies. BookPage reviewer Deborah Hopkinson called this a "page-turning adventure, full of danger and intrigue." Similarly, a Kirkus Reviews critic dubbed this a "strong ensemble adventure, grim, gritty, and genuinely enjoyable." Likewise, School Library Journal writer Cary Frostick observed: "This volume maintains the series's signature high-level intensity with characters who continue to grow and evolve along with the narrative."

The author writes for adults in her "Stillhouse Lake" series, which begins with a novel of the same title. Gina Royal attempts to build a new life for herself and her traumatized boys following the revelation that her husband is a serial murderer of young women. She had no idea of her husband's activities, but is still persecuted by the public. Now she is starting a new life in Stillhouse Lake, Tennessee, as Gwen Proctor, but this attempt is given a jolt with the discovery of a body in the lake and threatening letters. She turns to an unlikely crew of friends for help in this novel that "cries out for at least one redeeming sequel," according to a Publishers Weekly reviewer.

Killman Creek continues the action. Now Gwen's ex-husband, serial murderer Mel Royal, has escaped from prison, and she is going on a hunting expedition for him, accompanied by the brother of one of his victims. Online Criminal Element reviewer Kristin Centorcelli commended this installment, noting: "Writing from multiple viewpoints is tricky, and Caine pulls it off masterfully. There are a lot of strands to this story, and she expertly weaves them together in time for a shocking finale. For readers that enjoy terrifying, fast-paced thrillers with meaty characters, this is a must-read."

Conrad also writes stand-alone novels, Aimed at a young adult audience, Prince of Shadows: A Novel of Romeo and Juliet, offers a new interpretation of the famed star-crossed lovers. Benvolio Montague is older cousin to the romantic Romeo, and hopes to keep him out of trouble with the women of the Capulet family. But Benvolio also has a secretive life as the Prince of Shadows, stealing from the rich. This activity ultimately leads to a deadly feud between the Capulets and the Montagues. A Kirkus Reviews critic was impressed with this novel, commenting: "Never too obscure for modern readers, it retains the flavor of Shakespearean dialogue throughout, lending an atmosphere of verisimilitude that's reinforced by the detailed city setting. Simply superb." Similarly, School Library Journal writer Geri Diorio noted: "This novel truly has it all: sword fighting, Benvolio's nighttime adventures as the 'Prince of Shadows,' intrigue, romance, curses, derring-do, murder, and magic. It should make Shakespeare that much more accessible to teens."

Conrad worked with Anne Aguirre to write the 2018 novel Honor among Thieves, which is set in the near future at a time when Earth gas been saved by the technology supplied by sentient spaceships. These are called the Leviathan, and humans on Earth have struck a bargain: they will supply their knowledge and culture. Now Leviathan has created the tradition of Honors, in which a hundred skilled humans are chosen to serve for a year. Zara Cole is an unlikely candidate, homeless and skilled only at stealing. But she is selected for a star tour, a voyage that at first transforms her life, but ultimately makes her suspect an ulterior motive for Leviathan. A Publishers Weekly reviewer termed this "both a thrilling SF novel and a deeply philosophical examination of the nature of love." The reviewer added: "Keenly wrought characters, imaginative world building, and an inventive plot engage and gratify while urging readers to stay curious, question authority, and fight injustice." On the other hand, a Kirkus Reviews critic found in the novel "an ambitious premise that is amiable but not believable."




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