EDITORIAL: Obama's snow job

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Date: Aug. 12, 2013
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Aug. 12--The calendar says August, but Americans are in for a snow job from President Obama's principal organizing arm, which this month will be primarily pitching ObamaCare, along with climate change and maybe even gun control. Organizers call it grassroots "blizzarding." Try government propaganda. Paul Bedard of The Examiner of Washington reports that Mr. Obama's Organizing for Action group is planning high-tech assaults on GOP lawmakers along with so-called "public information" campaigns that will capitalize on social media. So, how deep will the "blizzarding" get? Think of Susan Rice, former U.N. ambassador/lackey, blaming the attack at the U.S. outpost in Benghazi, Libya, on an anti-Muslim video. Or how the Obama administration boasted ad nauseam last year that it had al-Qaida on the run yet clamped down on any references to "terrorism." Oh, what a difference a year makes, eh? Team Obama won that disinformation campaign and another four years to implement ObamaCare, capture the climate's carbon (regardless of how flat global temperatures remain) and erode freedoms that haven't already been chiseled away from constitutional protections. But this year, amid scandals that the administration denies, Americans are more skeptical -- if not angry. And no matter how it's served up, a spoonful of sap won't make ObamaCare go down any easier for a nation that doesn't want it.


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