Everybody Sees the Ants

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Date: July-August 2013
From: The Horn Book Magazine(Vol. 89, Issue 4)
Publisher: The Horn Book, Inc.
Document Type: Audiobook review; Brief article; Young adult review
Length: 206 words
Lexile Measure: 1170L

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Everybody Sees the Ants by A. S. King; read by Kirby Heyborne High School Listening Library Rev. 1/12 7 CDs 7.75 hrs. 978-0-449-01473-8 $50.00

Heyborne, narrator of the 2012 Odyssey Award winner (Rotters), gives a compelling performance of this novel featuring fifteen-year-old Lucky Linderman, who's anything but lucky. He's been bullied since he was seven, and it's only getting worse. His workaholic dad is physically and emotionally distant, damaged by the absence of his own dad, MIA in the Vietnam War. Lucky's dreams (or are they?) about POW Granddad Harry are interspersed with descriptions of Lucky's experiences at school, at home, and visiting his aunt and uncle--where he is befriended by gorgeous and gutsy seventeen-year-old Ginny. Heyborne captures seven-year-old Lucky's disbelief when the dreams first begin and the older boy's growing desperation to rescue his grandfather from his jungle prison. The ants--the hilarious miniature Greek chorus that observes and comments on Lucky's life--get a well-timed comic delivery from the narrator, whose resume includes improv comedy. Listeners will be swept up in the engrossing story through Heyborne's expert command of voices: Lucky's adolescent sarcasm; Granddad Harry's calm, mature tones; Aunt Jodi's annoying self-righteousness; and the jaded manner of speaking that hides Ginny's inner vulnerability. JENNIFER M. BRABANDER

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