Childress, Kim, Ed.: Food, Faith and Fun: A Faithgirlz Cookbook

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Date: Feb. 2013
From: Voice of Youth Advocates(Vol. 35, Issue 6)
Publisher: E L Kurdyla Publishing LLC
Document Type: Book review; Brief article; Young adult review
Length: 228 words
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Childress, Kim, Ed. Food, Faith and Fun: A Faithgirlz Cookbook. Zondervan, 2012. 160p. $12.99 Oversize pb. 978-0-310-72316-5.

Food, Faith and Fun is the latest offering from Christian publisher Zondervan in its tween Faithgirlz series. This offering is not as overtly Christian as its Bibles and handbooks, and may find a comfortable spot in public or school libraries serving Christian readers. Chapters include "Munchies," "Drinks," "Salads," "Main Courses," "Sweets," and "Holidays," a concluding chapter limited to holidays widely celebrated by Christian families. Recipes include familiar favorites like frosted brownies, deviled eggs, and tuna salad; however, there are some interesting and more nutritious twists as well, like mango chicken quesadillas or hearty meatless minestrone. As advertised, it is "full of mouthwatering photographs" that seem tween friendly and easy to prepare. Some, such as celery stick butterflies and krazy krunch, may be a bit too easy. Other recipes would benefit from step-by-step photographs.

Though the book is aimed at tweens who may be less concerned about nutrition, it is a concern that the cookbook lacks nutritional information, portion sizes, and the number of servings for each recipe. Young cooks need to learn the nutritional value of an Oreo milkshake, a chocolate chip cheese ball, or a charming bee-shaped peanut-butter bumble. With so many chapters and pages devoted to sweets, this information seems especially important.--Donna L. Phillips.

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