Bible story untrue

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Date: Dec. 26, 1999
Publisher: Newsquest Media Group Ltd.
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Heaven preserve us from astronomers trying to explain the Star of Bethlehem. Anna Carey describes the latest, by Mark Kidger (Seven Days, December 19). Kidger thinks Jesus was born about 5BC and that the star could have been a nova which was reported by the Chinese in that year. Unfortunately for Kidger, the whole birth narrative is an invention intended to give Jesus a provenance commensurate with his divinity. Dionysius Exiguus made no mistake and there was no star, no magi and no birth in Bethlehem! Jesus was born in about 1BC in Galilee, but not in Nazareth - another myth. More details can be found in my book, The Rise And Fall Of Jesus. Steuart Campbell Edinburgh

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