'PauseApp' Breakthrough: Helping Adults Fight Social Media Anxiety, Depression

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Date: Feb. 13, 2018
From: PR Newswire
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CHICAGO, Feb. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- A Chicago-area entrepreneur is unveiling a new weapon that helps adults avoid the anxiety, depression and loneliness triggered by unhealthy levels of social media usage.

PauseApp uses a color-coded system to alert users when their total time on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat exceeds research-based healthy limits.

"Other social media monitoring apps help parents block children's usage, but PauseApp is the first aimed at adults," says PauseApp developer Daniel Floyd. "We built it to help people make decisions, not cut off their access."

"PauseApp employs research about the link between time spent on social media and feelings of loneliness, anxiety and depression," Floyd said. "With PauseApp, you see in real time whether you are overdoing it and possibly setting yourself up for these mental health dangers."

Floyd was inspired to develop PauseApp by a college friend's descent into anxiety and depression linked to excessive social media usage. "It was a self-reinforcing trap of constantly comparing himself to others who presented unrealistically perfect lives on social media," Floyd says. "It was devastating."

PauseApp monitors Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat, the social media platforms "most associated with anxiety and depression," Floyd says. "PauseApp compares user time with healthy usage time in 24-hour periods."

If usage becomes excessive, PauseApp briefly flashes yellow 'caution' or red 'excessive' warning lights. "It does not restrict your access," Floyd adds. "The cautions are meant to encourage you to consider taking a break." PauseApp resets every 24 hours.

"While you are within healthy limits, your status light remains green," Floyd adds. "Steady green will help you feel good that you are using social media appropriately."

Floyd points out Facebook executives publicly concede the dangers of social media overuse. "Facebook co-founder Sean Parker said, 'God only knows what it's doing to our children's brains,' and former FB Vice President Chamath Palihapitiya admits feeling 'tremendous guilt' about the product," Floyd said.

"These executives see the dangers and are sounding a warning we should all heed."

PauseApp is available on Google Play for free. "You find it by entering 'PauseApp' as one word," Floyd said.

Contact: Daniel Floyd 312.835.7130 <a target="_blank" href="mailto:190340@email4pr.com" rel="nofollow">190340@email4pr.com</a>

About Daniel Floyd: A 2017 graduate of Western Michigan University, Floyd has already launched a successful online company, SpeechMasterPro.com, an enunciation device helping voice-over artists, children with pronunciation challenges and anyone who needs help speaking more confidently.


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