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Author: Marc Smirnoff
Date: July 1994
From: Harper's Magazine(Vol. 289, Issue 1730)
Publisher: Harper's Magazine Foundation
Document Type: Brief article
Length: 374 words
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Excerpts from personal statements made by contestants in the 1993 Miss Teen USA pageant are presented. The statements cover famous relatives, health and beauty tips, self-descriptions and unusual accomplishments.

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From a collection of personal statements by contestants in the 1993 Miss Teen USA contest, held last spring in Biloxi, Mississippi. The statements were part of the press material distributed to reporters covering the pageant; the excerpts below appeared in a column by Marc Smirnoff in the Winter 1994 Oxford American. Smirnoff is the editor of the quarterly.

Do you have any famous relatives or ancestors?

Miss Arkansas: "Charles Dickens, the author."

Miss Georgia: "My great-uncle was Al Capone's chauffeur."

Miss Kansas: "My third cousin Ted Nuce is a famous bull rider."

Miss Tennessee: "My mother is Barbara Mandrell and two of my aunts are Irlene and Louise Mandrell."

What is your favorite health, beauty, or fitness tip or routine?

Miss South Dakota: "I enjoy doing the Buns of Steel video."

Miss Colorado: "I separate my eyelashes with a safety pin."

Miss Georgia: "Don't hoot with the owls at night if you can't crow with the rooster in the morning."

Miss Pennsylvania: "Don't compare yourself to other girls." The word that best describes you is:

Miss Mississippi: "motormouth"

Miss Nebraska: "spicy"

Miss West Virginia: "bubbly"

Miss Florida: "erudite"

Miss Kansas: "growing"

Miss Iowa: "denim" List the most unusual things about yourself or unusual things you have done.

Miss Indiana: "My friend and I were robbed at gunpoint in the parking lot of a restaurant."

Miss Iowa: "My mom and I drove through our family room when the gas pedal stuck as she pulled into our garage."

Miss Michigan: "I have beauty marks that form the little dipper on my stomach."

Miss Mississippi: "I have never had braces; I have my own cattle; I collect spoons."

Miss Nebraska: "I have been successful in cheerleading competitions."

Miss Utah: "I play the piano with my toes."

Miss Virginia: "I'm a tall person."

Miss Colorado: "I'm a champion burper; I ride goats bareback."

Miss Rhode Island: "I was a golf-course food vendor for two days."

Miss Illinois: "I've wanted to be successful for as long as I can remember."

Miss Kansas: "I took a shower with my clothes on."

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