Pride flag gets a more inclusive intersex makeover.

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Date: June 23, 2022
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Byline: Daily Telegraph Reporter

THE Pride rainbow has been given an intersex makeover as a new "inclusive" flag was yesterday flown across London.

Dozens of rainbow flags were this week displayed along Regent Street in recognition of Pride Month, replacing many of the Union flags hung to mark the Platinum Jubilee.

The new design is a further development of the so-called Pride Progress flag, introduced in 2018, which added colourful chevrons to the traditional rainbow stripes to represent the trans community and people of colour.

Now the new flag has also incorpo rated a purple circle on a yellow backdrop to represent the intersex community, an umbrella term describing the estimated 1.7 per cent of people born with biological characteristics or chromosome patterns that don't fit the typical definitions of male or female.

Valentino Vecchietti, who redesigned the flag, said of the original Pride Progress flag: "It felt like a joyful visual and cultural statement of inclusion and I wished our intersex flag could be included too. I also wished that the crowds at Pride knew more about intersex. I have redesigned the Pride Pro gress flag to make it intersex inclusive.

"When I posted our new flag on our Intersex Equality Rights UK Instagram Intersex people and allies across the world told us that it's bringing them so much joy."


The redesigned Pride rainbow is displayed along Regent Street for Pride Month

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