Bay of Pigs Invasion

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Date: 1992
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On 17 April 1961, shortly after President John F. Kennedy took office, close to fifteen hundred Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)-trained Cuban exiles landed in the Bay of Pigs, constituting the initial phase of what CIA planners hoped would be a campaign resulting in Cuban leader Fidel Castro's ouster. The invasion, planned during the last years of Dwight D. Eisenhower's administration, failed abysmally: it was not greeted by a popular uprising against the Castro regime, but rather by the Cuban military whose intelligence had learned of the invasion in advance. With the invaders pinned down on the beach, Kennedy decided to cut U.S. losses and refused to authorize the use of U.S. air cover on their behalf. Several hundred of the invaders were killed; the rest were taken prisoner. In December 1962, after protracted negotiations, the Cubans released the 1,113 prisoners in return for $53 million worth of food and medicine.

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