Nurse as Educator: Principles of Teaching and Learning for Nursing Practice

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Author: Melisa A. Gantt
Date: Aug. 2003
From: AORN Journal(Vol. 78, Issue 2)
Publisher: Elsevier Science Publishers
Document Type: Book review
Length: 666 words

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second edition Susan B. Bastable 2003, 571 pp $52.95 paperback

When someone asks what it is that a nurse does, the most common answer is that a nurse is trained and licensed to care for the sick. One aspect of nursing that is performed daily and rarely acknowledged is teaching. Nurses are known for their ingenuity, sixth sense, and ability to do many tasks at once, but they rarely are recognized as educators or given the time or training to take on the large responsibility of educating the public. The author of this book has put together a comprehensive, consolidated view of teaching and learning principles and how nurses can use these concepts in educating nursing students, fellow staff members, and patients and their family members.

The original text was published in 1997. In this new edition, the author "refocuses the teaching-learning process to place primary emphasis on the learner as an active participant and the nurse as the enabler." A second difference in this edition...

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