How to build self-esteem

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Date: Feb. 1993
From: Training & Development(Vol. 47, Issue 2)
Publisher: Association for Talent Development (ATD)
Document Type: Article
Length: 1,867 words

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Companies that neglect to build and sustain employee self-esteem are likely to lose promising employees. Unhappy workers who cannot find other jobs may stay on but perform at minimal levels. Training can help organizational members boost their self-esteem, consequently improving individual and corporate performance. There are five key behaviors that managers must focus on. One of these is making employees feel that they are uniquely valuable by praising their achievements and abilities as individuals. Another crucial behavior is making people feel competent by recognizing positive results and providing feedback for the further improvement of performance. Giving workers a sense of security through consistency and open communication can also help boost self-esteem. Also critical to building employees' sense of self-worth is empowerment, allowing them the freedom to make decisions to meet their goals. The last is making employees feel connected to the people around them.

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