Professionalizing in-home personal trainers: improve your reputation and income as an in-home trainer by upgrading your business practices

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Author: Kay L. Cross
Date: Mar. 2008
From: IDEA Fitness Journal(Vol. 5, Issue 3)
Publisher: IDEA Health & Fitness
Document Type: Article
Length: 1,722 words
Lexile Measure: 1170L

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No one will respect you if you don't respect yourself first. I'll never forget, in my 20s, a good friend telling me (in regard to dating),"You won't be treated with respect unless you require it." In other words, if you want to be treated with respect and dignity, don't accept any behavior that is less than what you want and deserve. You condition people how to relate to you. The same is true in the in-home personal training profession. If you want to be paid well and respected for your time and expertise, you must operate at a level that elicits the admiration and esteem you desire.

In-home trainers are often not viewed with the same appreciation and respect that studio or club trainers are. Why? In most cases, health clubs and private studios have professional managers or owners who set their training staff a standard of extreme professionalism. If you are a solo in-home personal trainer like me, you alone are responsible for your business practices. If you work for someone who subcontracts in-borne training, you are still responsible for how professionally you conduct your business. Unless you have a business coach holding you accountable or you are a highly motivated person, it can be easy to let your standards slide when you are down, tired or burned-out. When I meet people at social functions and they discover that I am a wellness coach and an in-home personal trainer, I can tell by their facial expressions that they wonder about my income, knowledge, etc. I find it quite amusing. I know that referring them to my website ( will clear up any doubts about my business.

In-home personal trainers: you need to let the world around you know that you are serious about business. It is past time to improve your reputation in the community and upgrade your lees to reflect the expertise that you possess. You can increase your professionalism by polishing to perfection your work standards, scheduling policies and expectations. Let's get out the sandpaper and smooth your rough edges.

Upgrade Your Work Standards

If you work for yourself, it is easy to get lax about work standards. After all, who is holding you accountable? You need high work standards if you want to be known as a top-notch, sought-after in-home personal trainer. Review your standards in the following areas and make a "to-do" list of improvements you require.

Work Attire. Invest in great-looking workout attire from companies such as Adidas, Nike, Reebok, etc. Look very clean and put together, and do not wear clothes that look...

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