Honour and politics in early Stuart England: the case of Beaumont v. Hastings

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Author: Richard Cust
Date: Nov. 1995
From: Past & Present(Vol. 149, Issue 1)
Publisher: Oxford University Press
Document Type: Article
Length: 15,769 words

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The political aspects of the Beaumont v. Hastings case of 1607 have not been fully explored by political historians. This neglect can be attributed to the traditional practice of separating the 'personal' from the 'political.' However, innovative research and studies on early modern political culture have shown that 'personal is political' and that the concepts are closely linked. The concept of honor, an integral part of power of those in authority, and how this could be undermined through attacks on the sexual behavior of women is clearly shown in the Beaumont v. Hastings case.

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