Investigation of signal behaviors when transmitted through different power line characteristics media

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Date: June 2009
Publisher: Research India Publications
Document Type: Report
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In this paper experimental works have been achieved to find out the characteristics of two types of wire which are commonly used in power line networks for low voltage medium. This work has been established in the lab and has been divided into two parts. First part "Part A" results have been obtained from basic setup circuit. Second part "part B" results have been found from using a switching circuit designed for the purpose of remote switching appliances. Three setup circuitries have been prepared for studying the signals behaviors for different values of transmission frequencies and different wire lengths. Observations have been noted for each case regarding the attenuation and signal distortion. Conclusions have been recorded for the use of power line as transmission channel for power line communications technology. Keywords: Power line communications, low voltage networks, power line characteristics, Remote Switching.

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