Signet-ring stromal tumor of the ovary: an extremely rare neoplasm / Overin signet-ring stromal tumoru: cok nadir bir neoplazm

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Signet-ring stromal tumor (SRST) of the ovary is an extremely rare neoplasm. Herein, we present a SRST of the ovary, which is the twelfth report in the literature. A 44 year-old, G4P2 patient was admitted with the complaint of polymenorrhea. She was operated on for persistent semisolid ovarian mass measuring 5 cm in diameter. The pathological examination confirmed the diagnosis of a benign ovarian SRST. In conclusion, SRST is an extremely rare benign ovarian tumor with good prognosis according to the current literature. Although the recurrence rate or malignant transformation potential of these tumors are not yet known, close follow-up in the postoperative period may be beneficial. (J Turkish-German Gynecol Assoc 2011; 12: 59-60)

Key words: Signet-ring stromal tumor, ovary

Received: 26 April, 2010

Accepted: 21 June, 2010


Ovaryen signet-ring stromal tumor (SRST) cok nadir karsilasilan bir neoplazmdir. Bu makalede, literaturdeki onikinci ovaryen SRST va-kasi sunulmustur. 44 yasinda G4P2 olan hasta polimenore sikayeti ile basvurdu. Hasta 5 cm capinda persistan semisolid ovaryen kitle nede-niyle opere edildi ve patolojik inceleme ile benign ovaryen SRST tanisi koyuldu. Sonuc olarak, SRST overin cok nadir gorulen ve mevcut lite-ratuire gore iyi prognoza sahip bir tumorudur. Ancak tekrarlama sikhgi veya malign donusum potansiyeli henuz bilinmediginden postoperatif donemde bu hastalarin yakin takip edilmesi faydali olacaktir. (J Turkish-German Gynecol Assoc 2011; 12: 59-60)

Anahtar kelimeler: Signet-ring stromal tumor, over

Gelis Tarihi: 26 Nisan 2010

Kabul Tarihi: 21 Haziran 2010


Signet-ring stromal tumor (SRST) of the ovary, first reported by Ramzy in 1976, is an extremely rare neoplasm (1). The Ovarian SRSTs are currently classified as sex cord stromal ovarian tumors within the spectrum of thecoma-fibromas, and are non-functioning distinctive stromal tumors characterized by the proliferation of stroma and signet-ring cell appearance due to the cytoplasmic vacuoles (2), (3). Herein, we present a SRST of the ovary which is the twelfth reported case in the literature.


A 44 year-old, G4 P2 patient was admitted to the out-patients clinic with the complaint of polymenorrhea for 3 months. Her medical history revealed total thyroidectomy and subsequent levo-thyroxine sodium replacement. Her bimanual gynecologic examination revealed a firm, mobile and fine contoured right adnexal mass approximately 5 cm in...

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