Hassan, Hassan, and Michael Weiss. ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror

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Author: Craig Whiteside
Date: Winter 2016
From: Naval War College Review(Vol. 69, Issue 1)
Publisher: U.S. Naval War College
Document Type: Book review
Length: 778 words
Lexile Measure: 1580L

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Hassan, Hassan, and Michael Weiss. ISIS: Inside the Army of Terror. New York: Regan Arts, 2015. 288pp. $16.95

The surprising success of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) in seizing control of large parts of northern and western Iraq in 2014 has generated many questions for policy makers and the public. How was this group so effective so quickly? Where did it come from and how did so many observers miss its rise? What threat does ISIS pose to the region and beyond?

Hassan Hassan and Michael Weiss address these questions in this recent book about ISIS. The work is part history of the ISIS movement and part analysis of its nature and strategy. The authors' backgrounds--Weiss is a prolific journalist and Hassan a knowledgeable Syrian analyst at the Delma Institute in Abu Dhabi--combine brilliantly to explain the rapidly evolving events on the ground within the context of the political-military issues in the region. Hassan and Weiss interviewed current and former ISIS movement fighters in Syria, dissected ISIS propaganda videos and statements, and combined other scholarly analyses of ISIS to produce what I consider to be the most accurate assessment of ISIS...

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