Public hearing on the first naturopathy curriculum in Thailand

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Date: September-December 2015
From: Education for Health(Vol. 28, Issue 3)
Publisher: Medknow Publications and Media Pvt. Ltd.
Document Type: Letter to the editor
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Byline: Viroj. Wiwanitkit, Wasana. Kaewla

Dear Editor,

Naturopathy is an important health practice. Naturopathy is a medical system that focuses on disease prevention, diagnosis and treatment based on natural processes. For naturopathy, the principal modalities are diet, herbs, massage and exercise. The system has been accepted as an important system of alternative medicine since the 2002 WHO declaration of alternative medicine use, “freedom of choice among different health-care options.”[sup][1] Naturopathy is now being more widely implemented worldwide. It is practiced in a variety of countries, including to USA, Canada and India. In 2015, the World Naturopathy Federation was established with members from all continents.

An important challenge to the implementation of naturopathy is the standardization of health training and practice within and across countries.[sup][2] Indeed, according to the WHO, developing an adequate worldwide standardized curriculum is the current principal need to improve naturopathy practice.[sup][1] Specific naturopathy curricula and standards of practice have been established in several countries over the past few years,...

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