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Author: Brittany Foutz
Date: June 2018
From: International Journal on World Peace(Vol. 35, Issue 2)
Publisher: Paragon House Publishers
Document Type: Article
Length: 819 words
Lexile Measure: 1490L

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INTERNATIONAL HUMAN RIGHTS: DILEMMAS IN WORLD POLITICS, FIFTH EDITION Jack Donnelly and Daniel J. Whelan Routledge, 2017 Paper, 288 pages, $40.00

The modern human rights movement has become an important development of the various articulations of the war aims of the Allies in World War II and has led to the recognition of the freedoms of human rights that belong to individuals and to peoples as a whole. This post-World War II development has become a significant improvement in international law and is a clear departure from the pre-war assumption that international law only applied to states. Meanwhile, the rights of life, liberty, and security to which we have human rights may be still denied by individuals and organizations. Authors Jack Donnelly and Daniel J. Whelan best address the international politics of human rights with attention to the human agency at every level in their new edition of International Human Rights: Dilemmas in World Politics.

Part 1 addresses the history, theory, relative universality, and unity of human rights. The authors begin with an extensive analysis of the history behind the emergence of international human rights norms, a history that dates back to the era between the two world wars in the Allied powers struggle...

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