Political Crisis, Migration and Electoral Behavior in Puerto Rico.

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Date: Fall 2018
Publisher: Hunter College, Center for Puerto Rican Studies
Document Type: Report
Length: 12,480 words
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Puerto Rico is in political crisis. Evidence of this crisis is the precipitous drop in voter turnout in the 2016 elections after more than three decades of small but steady decline. Some political observers and practitioners have attributed this decline to the emigration from the island, a product itself of an enduring economic crisis engulfing Puerto Rico. However, emigration is not a factor in the decline of electoral participation in Puerto Rico. Based on statistical analyses of aggregate voting and population data, results show that Puerto Rico's decline in voter participation is not attributable to emigration. Rather, an extant legitimacy crisis of the political system and its political class might be a more proximate and likely explanation for the drop in electoral participation in 2016. [Key words: Puerto Rico, voting, migration, crisis, political participation, elections]

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