Review of The Gabriel Hounds

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Author: R. F. Grady
Editors: Jeffrey W. Hunter and Timothy J. White
Date: 1999
Publisher: Gale
Document Type: Book review; Critical essay
Length: 511 words

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[(review date 1 October 1967) In the following review, Grady offers a favorable assessment of Stewart's complex and colorful plot and writing in The Gabriel Hounds.]

Christabel Mansel, a spirited and pretty English girl on a tour of the Near East (Syria and Lebanon) had planned to leave the tour group in Beirut to do a little sightseeing on her own before returning home. In the back of her mind was an intent to try to see her Great-Aunt Harriet who for years had lived in splendor in the former sultan's palace called Dar Ibrahim, built on a promontory in the gorge of the El Saq'h river, an eccentric woman who modeled herself on historic Lady Hester Stanhope, wore the clothes of an Arab prince and...

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