Bayley's Claims About "Alice"

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Date: Aug. 2010
From: Word Ways(Vol. 43, Issue 3)
Publisher: Jeremiah Farrell
Document Type: Article
Length: 436 words

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Melanie Bayley, a doctoral candidate in Victorian literature, has recently authored two articles (References 1 and 2) claiming that Lewis Carroll's "Alice in Wonderland" was Charles Dodgson's attempt to satirize the "new mathematics" of his day. We disagree completely with her thesis. Some of Bayley's specifics:

(1) The episode from "Alice" of "Pig and Pepper" according to Bayley "parodies the principle of continuity, a bizarre concept from projective geometry which was introduced in the mid-19th century from France.... This principle involves the idea that one shape can bend and stretch into another ... a circle is the same as an ellipse or a parabola (the curve of the...

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