An excerpt from The Story of My Life

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Editors: Laurie Lanzen Harris and Sheila Fitzgerald
Date: 1984
Publisher: Gale
Document Type: Critical essay; Excerpt
Length: 549 words

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[In his autobiography, The Story of My Life, Andersen discusses his own perceptions of his writings. He says that he wrote as children might speak, and his style reflects spoken, rather than written, language. However, Andersen adds that his works were written to entertain adults as well as children. In fact, Andersen states that the fairy tales were called tales for children solely to explain their simple style and to avert unfavorable criticism. Parts of the work excerpted below were originally published in Danish as Andersen's Mit Livs Eventyr in 1855.]

In the volume which I first published, [“Eventyr, fortalte for born”], I had ... related old stories, which I had heard as a child. The tone in which they still sounded in my ears seemed a very natural one to me, but I knew very...

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