ina letter to T. E. Lawrence on April 22, 1928

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Author: Edward Garnett
Editor: Dennis Poupard
Date: 1985
Publisher: Gale
Document Type: Critical essay
Length: 790 words

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[Garnett was a prominent editor for several London publishing houses, and discovered or greatly influenced the work of many important English writers, including Joseph Conrad, John Gals-worthy, and D. H. Lawrence. He also published several volumes of criticism, all of which are characterized by thorough research and sound critical judgments. Through a common admiration for writer Charles Doughty, Lawrence met Garnett and the two quickly became close friends. Because Lawrence greatly valued Garnett's editorial instinct and insight, he entrusted him with the task of producing an abridgment of Seven Pillars of Wisdom and with the safekeeping of the Mint manuscript. In the following excerpt from a letter, Garnett applauds Lawrence for a masterful refinement of his art between the writing of Seven Pillars and The Mint.]

Well, you've gone & done it this time! & knocked all your feeble pretences of not being a writer, etc etc. into final smithereens. I received the precious MS. [ofThe Mint] on the 18th & read it, very carefully, in the next two days & the deeper I got the more delighted I was. It is a most perfect piece of writing. I call it a classic for there's...

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